Hello there!

As you may have noticed, I love to catch your smiles, laughs and little moments.  What my camera doesn't catch, your words will surely tell me the rest. Feel free to type away with questions, comments, and emotional outbursts. Just remember to smile and hug the person sitting next to you.


Wall Calendar

Here is the calendar 2021 I made for my mom as a gift.
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My Grandma's Calendar for 2020

It's not to late to order a calendar as a gift to your family! Every year I make to my mom & grandma calendar with kids photos. I have a lot customer who love this idea and making calendar too! This one is my grandma's calendar for 2020.
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ART Habens Article // Special Edition // May 2019

Art Habens published an article about me and my art works. Сlick on image to read full article
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Lika & Misho

When I visit at Georgia I've been lucky to meet amazing family. They did everything possible and impossible to make my trip in this counry unforgetable. All the time I had with Lika and her family was really sweat. Photos speak louder than a thousand words!
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Love with an Georgian Accent

Sometimes I like to think photography is similar to a music, and taking photos of a couple is like improvising on their own musical theme.
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Summer Day in DUMBO

Out for a stroll in one of my favorite spots with my kids
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Julia & Misha

Every couple has their own melody, and it’s so incredible and fortunate to stand close enough to hear it in person.
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Walking through the Streets of New York City

"My mistress when she walks treads on the ground..." William Shakespeare
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