Photo by Evgenia Basyrova



My name is Alexandra. I have more than just a love of photography - we have a long standing relationship. I do not recall where, when or how this relationship began, but my camera and I have been through it all and haven't seen a dull moment yet.

Fortunately, I have human relationships as well. My husband and I met in New York and fell in love with each other (camera not excluded, of course). We have two beautiful children who are still teaching me how to be tough yet gentle, strong but weak, wise and spontaneous. We travel from time to time to learn about new people and places, in anticipation of enjoying sunsets yet unseen. It is not an ordinary life by any means, but what makes my dreams remain visibly alive is my camera.

My camera and I live to capture your special moments. Whether it is capturing your smile as you watch your kids grow or a tear that rolls down your cheek as you see your daughter marry the love of her life, this lens knows no biases.  I am fascinated each time I see you dance, skip, hop or giggle for one private moment. Your eyes become my eyes and my camera, in turn, sees all this magic through your eyes. There is one weakness I must admit to - that is my fear to miss a single moment if I were to blink. 

If you are still reading and shining an approving smile, lace up those high heeled pumps and let the camera roll!