Alechkov Photo: Blog en-us (C) Alexandra Vainshtein (Alechkov Photo) Thu, 31 May 2018 11:05:00 GMT Thu, 31 May 2018 11:05:00 GMT Alechkov Photo: Blog 82 120 Kim + Tom When you go for a walk in a beloved place with your dearest old friend and her two adorable kids, the photo shoot is anything but work. Inna, thank you for trusting me to capture these memories for your family.        

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Super Girl Who knew that by lending her his cape, Superman was letting out a superhero into this great monster of a city. 

But no worries, Super Girl can handle anything... except for crossing the street. That's Super Dad's job.

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Olga & Andy It’s enough for me to be sure that you and I exist at this moment.

- Gabriel García Márquez 


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Julia & Misha Every couple has their own melody, and it’s so incredible and fortunate to stand close enough to hear it in person.

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Walking through the Streets of New York City

"My mistress when she walks treads on the ground..."

William Shakespeare 



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А Very Small Wedding They say that the most amazing things happen when you least expect them. 

Thanks to this beautiful impromptu wedding, I was gifted with the chance to capture what true love was always meant to be.

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Happy Holidays!!!

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Tenderness ​Tenderness, love, and memories have no time limits. I took this shot 2 years ago and even though time flies, this moment lasts forever.

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It's All About Love No words are necessary, the pictures tell the entire story.
Allow me to eternalize the ever fleeting moments of those unbelievable miracles that life offers to us.

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A Boy and Dinosaurs Do you love dinosaurs the way Gabriel does? 
As you know I'm not a big fan of staging photography in a studio. It's much better to give a child fun toys and let them play in their natural environment. This will show the child's personality, character and leave you with lasting memories. 

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Met Visit Last Summer, a couple friends of mine had asked me to do a photoshoot for their parents. Who knew this would turn into so much more? We chose to shoot at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as it was a perfect alternative to the hot and sticky outdoors.

There was a clear connection between us, the photos are a perfect example of real lifestyle photography. No staging was needed because we were all on the same page from start to finish. This beautiful couple of almost 45 years became more than just a photoshoot - it was the start of our amazing friendship.     

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Happy Holidays!!! Happy Holidays! 

May all the joys of this holidays season be yours throughout the New Year!


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Superman This photo has been publishing on L'Ooeil de la Photographie (The Eye of Photography)



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ART Habens Article Art Habens published an article about me and my art works.

Сlick on image to read full article

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Summer in the air I'm rarely at the beach with my kids. Usually I'm with clients and the camera, but just a few days ago, my entire family (camera included) managed to get out to the beach...

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Sergey + Sveta = NY Sveta and Sergey, THANK YOU. Thank you for coming to NY, for trusting me me with your day, for the joy of working with you, for jumping on a crazy idea without asking why, for the good mood and а lots of smiles!    


Hair: Natalia by Bridal hair and makeup by Natalia Akuratava

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Sam & Chelsea - Part II More of the Sam & Chelsea's beautiful wedding:)


The creative team who made the wedding come to life truly made for a spectacular event...

Venue: Seaview Caterers Of Temple Beth El Cedarhurst

Makeup (Mother and sister of groom): Lauren Siet Vena

Floral Decor: Jerusalem Florists

Bands: Nafshanu & amazing amazing M-Generation Boys Choir

Video: Valera of Ross Den Photography

Photo: Alexandra Vainshtein

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Sam & Chelsea - Part I Chelsea and Sam share their love and happiness with their family and friends and are always filled with sheer joy.  Thank you all for sharing this impeccable day with me, and allowing me to document it for you! It was really moving, emotional, and really, really fun.


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David's First Haircut Boy's first haircut in the Jewish tradition is a very emotional moment for the whole family, today David turn three years old, and now he is a big man:)

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Baby "A" I had the extreme delight in photographing one of my friend’s new baby girl! Meet handsome little “A” :) Here are a few of my personal favorites from here sweet little session.

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